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How can I access the archive?

You can’t. Because lawyers, mostly.

The archive contains mostly copyrighted content that I have acquired for personnal usage. Redistributing this content would be infringing on copyright law. It would also be kinda unfair to the creators who put the video out there and rely on monetization.

If the archive can’t be accessed, what’s the point?

The archive is first and foremost meant as a disaster recovery scenario.

Disasters in this context are things like:

  • Google decides to delete old videos on YouTube or make them hard to access, or kills YouTube
  • Facebook bans and purges parkour posts on Instagram due to third party discontent (remember Tumblr?)
  • Google simply loses the data

I have some ideas that can leverage the work done for the archive, and maybe eventually enable access to content, but I need to get the archive in a good spot first. I also need to be damn sure about the legal aspect.

What’s goes in the archive?

There’s some documentation about what goes or doesn’t go in the archive here.

What has been archived so far?

There’s not yet an item by item list but there’s at least:

  • 13503 YouTube videos
  • All the movies, magazines issues, etc listed in purchases

Are flips parkour