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This page is meant both as a reference and for people who are interested in helping with the curation.

Curation is the process of selecting and filtering potential content to keep only what is relevant and valuable.

What are we looking for?

Parkour stuff! I don’t discriminate too much so some buildering and some urbex might sneak in too. The archive already contains videos, pictures, movies, magazines, documentaries, news coverage, interviews, podcasts, and more. I’ve yet to get to it but I’m also looking to archive books, academic papers, 3d models of spots, wikis, laws, websites, articles, etc.

Rules of Thumb

  • Contains parkour, explores parkour as a concept, or relates heavily to parkour
  • The original content from the original creator, not the content farm stuff
  • Abusing parkour for a content farm is a no
  • If it’s useful (or could be useful later) to the community, archive it
  • Parkour as backdrop is not enough
  • Medium and platform doesn’t matter
  • If the channel as a whole is and has always been about parkour, archive the channel
  • If the channel as many videos and only a few about parkour, archive only the relevant videos
  • If the creator is known to post in many places, archive it all anyway

What do we NOT want

No Go - Video games

The Minecraft parkour content, and other video games stuff should not be archived.

Similarly, clips of Assassin’s Creed gameplay do not fit the goals here. An explainer video as to how parkour athletes were leveraged for motion capture would be good.

The trailer for STORROR Parkour Pro is ok to archive. Gameplay clips would not be ok to archive.

In short:

  • Videogame trailer is ok (we don’t need many copies though)
  • Gameplay/playthrough/guides is a no go
  • Making of for parkour-heavy games is a maybe depending on content

No Go - Content Farms

Reaction videos are mostly content farming and contribute nothing. Unless they are made by people of the parkour community, they are a no-go. Some are ok and having a few is useful to track how people react to parkour content through time, but overall its not worth the effort to archive.

Compilations and reuploads by some random channels is also content farming. This is sometimes cross-platform. It’s generally copyrighted content that is being infringed upon, which makes it even more unsuitable to archive. We want the original content from the original channel.

Note the this is an improved edited version of this video which is probably to cover up that YouTube ContentID system found a copyright issue and took down the original video. The parody part is to claim this is fair use, but of course it ain’t.

No Go - Tangentially Parkour

Parkour has achieved awareness in the mainstream and having it somewhere in the backdrop of some media is not enough to justify archiving the thing. The short and few parkour sequences in the first Kingsman movie doesn’t justify acquiring and archiving the entire movie. If parkour is an essential element and drives the narrative it may be more interesting to archive.

No Go - Misc

  • If it’s not clear if the person practices parkour, or just jumped a creek and fell in water. It’s probably no
  • A 3 year old running around in parkour park is not parkour
  • Animals running and jumping around are not doing parkour, they’re just healthy
  • If parkour is simply used as a diversity/inclusivity token, it’s probably not archive material