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Data Freshness: 2023-11-05

Here I track the money invested in this project. My own time is not tracked and I have not (yet?) received compensation in any form for this project.

The archive contains no pirated content: all paid content (ie movies) was paid for. Lots of content was obtained for free, when it was legally accessible as such, for example on YouTube.

Currencies are a pain to convert, so I don't do that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, the list of transactions is maintained manually, so this may be some months old. The underlying data can be found here

Capex / Opex

The expenses are roughly divided between:
  • capex
    • buying content to archive
    • supporting creators through Patreon
    • etc.
  • opex
    • how much money is spent keeping this website alive
    • storage costs for the archive
    • etc.

I care about this distinction because opex is not money that goes to creators. Given the choice I'd MUCH rather see the budget go to the parkour community than some bills.

Currency Ratio of capex to opex
USD 67% capex
CAD 74% capex
GBP 100% capex

Donations & Financing (all time)

No donations so far

Expenses (all time)

  • 4 purchases in USD for a total of US$433.88
  • 18 purchases in CAD for a total of CA$214.38
  • 2 purchases in GBP for a total of £16.00
  • 12 bills paid in USD for a total of US$218.09
  • 4 bills paid in CAD for a total of CA$75.84
By Category
movies (capex)
  • US$7.00 (1 transaction)
  • CA$192.76 (16 transactions)
  • £16.00 (2 transactions)
magazines (capex)
  • US$326.90 (1 transaction)
  • CA$21.62 (2 transactions)
community (capex)
  • US$99.98 (2 transactions)
archive (opex)
  • US$218.09 (12 transactions)
domain name (opex)
  • CA$75.84 (4 transactions)